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ICv2 – $70 Million in Digital Comics

ComiXology CEO David Steinberger revealed at an investment conference in New York last week that the company expects that around $70 million in gross merchandise value worth of digital comics will be sold on its platform in 2012. That compares to around $19 million in gross merchandise value sold on its platform in 2011, Steinberger said at the same conference, hosted by the Software & Information Industry Association. That would make comiXology’s 2012’s sales more than 3-1/2 times its sales in 2011, following an over-all tripling of the digital comics market in 2011 (see “Digital Comics Triple in 2011”).

Steinberger also revealed at the conference that over 77 million comics (including free titles) have been downloaded from its platform since launch; that number was 50 million comics only a few months ago (see “ComiXology Tops 50 Million Comics”).

Revelations about the growth of the digital comics market have been coming fast and furious this year, with two publishers telling ICv2 within the last few months that digital comics are over 10% of their sales: Image (see “Image’s Digital Sales Are a ‘Double Digit’ Percentage”), and IDW (see “Interview with Ted Adams—Part 1”).

Steinberger’s revelations about the volume of comics sold through comiXology’s platform also gives an indication of the company’s market share; it accounted for around 75% of the digital comics sold in 2011, based on ICv2’s estimate of around $25 million in total digital comic sales last year. Other platforms include iVerse, Viz, Kodansha, Graphicly, Panelfly, e-books, and PSP (which was still selling comics during 2011).

ComiXology recently signed an exclusive deal for periodical comics with Marvel (see “Marvel Inks Exclusive Deal with comiXology”).

All of this comes in the context of rapidly increasing print comic sales this year (see “Comic Sales Soar in May”). There are varying opinions as to whether those print sales increases are because of, in spite of, or unrelated to the digital comics sales increases. Here at ICv2, we’ve been arguing for years that digital comics can drive print sales (see “Why Digital Comics Are Different”), and we believe the facts are bearing this out.

Disclosure: ICv2 has a business relationship with comiXology as a representative for its Retailer Tools; ICv2 CEO Milton Griepp also serves on the board of comiXology.

via ICv2 – $70 Million in Digital Comics.

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Cheater Caught at Star City Games Open – Detroit

At this weekend’s Star City Games Open Serious in the Motor City, Jon Elden is caught on camera sliding himself a game-winning Batterskull from the bottom of his deck, after he activates a Polluted Delta.

You can see for yourself, here. Fast-forward to time index 8:12:04 and you’ll see it.

Honest mistake or did he know it was there?

Nevertheless, Star City Games officials confirmed that Mr. Elden was indeed disqualified from the tournament, via their Twitter feed:

SCG Live@scglive

@iLansdaal (Evan) Yes, he was disqualified from the Top 8.

No official statement could be found otherwise. Now, only time will tell if the DCI steps in and further action is taken.

With such a high prize payout on the line and given the wide gap between talent, is it any surprise that players look for any edge they can?



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Tap Lands Confirmed in Magic 2013

In an article today, published on, author Trick Jarret confirms that the tap-lands we all know and… well, maybe love, are confirmed in Magic 2013.

So much for hoping for something cooler. Feels very much like the pain lands of old. We had them for a long time. We all became use to them. They kept getting reprinted until Wizards of the Coast decided on something new. One can only hope with Magic 2014 (or maybe Return to Ravnica?), we’ll have something new. Until them, we’re stuck with these:

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Congratulations to David Stroud – Grand Prix Vancouver 2012 Champion!

David Stroud is your Grand Prix Vancouver 2012 Champion, having defeated Jeremy Schofield in the finals. Furthermore, congratulations are in order to friend Morgan Chan on his Grand Prix Top 8 debut! Well done.

I wish there was more to say, but I find limited Grand Prix’s – in this case Avacyn Restored limited – to be very boring. Sorry folks. But this is a “bitter” blog, after all. 😀

Official Grand Prix Vancouver Coverage

Top 8 Deck Lists

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Congratulations to Jyun’ichi Miyajima – Grand Prix Yokohama 2012 Champion!

Jyun’ichi Miyajima is the Grand Prix Yokohama Champion!

Congratulations to Jyun’ichi Miyajima – Grand Prix Yokohama 2012 Champion!

Piloting the only White/Black Tokens deck, he bested a sea of various Birthing Pod decks, including some ingenious one’s that utilize both Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker and Restorartion Angel to create infinite Restoration Angels and attack.
A very interesting snapshot of the Modern format. Certainly, Restoration Angel made it’s debut. Furthermore, very few of the archetypes one see’s on Magic Online were present in the Top 8: RUG Delver, WUR Delver, Tron, etc. Should make for very interesting Modern tournaments in the coming months and influence Grand Prix Columbus in July.

Official Coverage of Grand Prix Yokohama

Grand Prix Trial Winning Deck Lists

Top 8 Deck Lists

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