‘Kick-Ass 2′ Details: Same Cast, New Issues, More Vomit! | nerdbastards.com

‘Kick-Ass 2′ Details: Same Cast, New Issues, More Vomit! | nerdbastards.com

While the production of Kick-Ass 2 hasn’t officially begun, a few minor details regarding the cast and plot have a emerged online.

According to MovieHole.net, one big thing that can be confirmed is the return of Chloe Mortez. Who’ll be reprising her role as Hit-Girl, the little bitch assassin.

Of course they would recast her. She fucking nailed it as the pint-sized, foul-mouthed, puberty challenged vigilante. A sequel just wouldn’t be the same with out her. One slight hiccup, however. It’s been 2+ years since the first Kick-Ass. Chloe has grown-up a whole lot since then. Literally. She’s got tits and stuff! Can a fully developed teenager be accepted as an 11-year old? I dunno, that’s a tough one. Though, come to think of it, age defining roles didn’t stop the cast of Harry Potter, now did it?

As far as the other core cast members are concerned, Aaron Johnson and Christopher Mintz-Plasse will be back as well. Universal Pictures is also trying to convince Garrett M. Brown to reprieve his role as Dave’s (aka Kick Ass) father. Apparently, his role is much bigger this time around. Auditions are also about to get underway for Uncle Ralph, the crook guardian of Chris/Red Mist.

OK, so the main cast is back. No fucking surprise there. Now, what of the story?

The story will be similar to Superman 2 where someone finds out about the heroes’ identities — mostly Dave and Mindy. Dave’s identity as “Kick-Ass” is only revealed to one important person and it is said to have repercussions. Hit-Girl’s identity will be known by the general public and it gets her in to the awkward stage of society as it will cause a lot of people to make fun of her behind her back. Her problems cause her to be nicknamed “Captain Muffin-Muncher”. However — the worst of her problems will come from the highest of the anarchy of stuck-up girls — Brooke who is said the be the usual prissy stuck-up bitch who has a gang of followers that she can control (think Mean Girls?) who also manages to gain control of Lois (who will ultimately form a bond with Mindy). Eventually, Hit-Girl will get revenge against the band of girls in a spectacular fashion that will involve gadgetry, projectile vomiting and a lot of begging.

So…same cast, new issues, more vomit. Sounds promising. We’ll keep you posted as news rolls out in the coming weeks and months.

Source: MovieHole

via ‘Kick-Ass 2′ Details: Same Cast, New Issues, More Vomit! | nerdbastards.com.

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