Cheater Caught at Star City Games Open – Detroit

At this weekend’s Star City Games Open Serious in the Motor City, Jon Elden is caught on camera sliding himself a game-winning Batterskull from the bottom of his deck, after he activates a Polluted Delta.

You can see for yourself, here. Fast-forward to time index 8:12:04 and you’ll see it.

Honest mistake or did he know it was there?

Nevertheless, Star City Games officials confirmed that Mr. Elden was indeed disqualified from the tournament, via their Twitter feed:

SCG Live@scglive

@iLansdaal (Evan) Yes, he was disqualified from the Top 8.

No official statement could be found otherwise. Now, only time will tell if the DCI steps in and further action is taken.

With such a high prize payout on the line and given the wide gap between talent, is it any surprise that players look for any edge they can?



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