Pathfinder to Publish NPC Codex

Pathfiner publisher Paizo has announced the release of ready-to-use non-player characters for its highly popular Pathfinder system, this fall. The NPC Codex Hardcover will be supported with cardstock playing pawns in the NPC Codex Box.

Pathfinder NPC Codex

The NPC Codex is a 320-page book with detailed descriptions of over 250 ready-to-use non-player characters suitable for any Pathfinder campaign, complete with game play statistics. Each character includes illustrations by Paizo’s stable of fantasy artists.
The book is expected to release in October with a suggested retail price of $39.99.

The NPC Codex Box is designed to work with the hardcover book, and includes full-color cardstock pawns to represent all the characters in the NPC Codex. The box also comes with one-inch slotted bases for the pawns.

The boxed set is scheduled for a November release, with a suggested retail price of $34.99.
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Source: Icv2
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