Land Tax – Worth the Price?

As you’re no doubt aware, yesterday Wizards of the Coast announced the June 20th Banned & Restricted List update. Thankfully, there are no changes to Standard (which sorts itself out in October, anyway). However, Land Tax – a card banned in Legacy since 2004 – is unbanned!


Land Tax, years ago, was a very powerful card. For one white mana, the player could virtually assure they wouldn’t run out of land while simultaneously removing those lands from their deck, increasing the odds of drawing a relevant spell. Moreover, when coupled with cards like Scroll Rack, Brainstorm, etc. the player has access to virtually unlimited library manipulation.

Only time and vast amounts of brewing will tell how unleashing Land Tax into the metagame will effect Legacy.

But that hasn’t stopped people from speculating and prices to skyrocket.

Once a card one could purchase at prices ranging from $3.99 USD to $19.99 USD for the Judge promo, the 4th Edition version itself commands anywhere from a $39.99 price tag (TrollAndToad.Com) to as low as $29.99 USD (Star City Games). Astronomical! Furthermore, prices such as these will continue to remain until vendors acquire more inventory and demand levels out. Unless you have a Legacy event soon, have to have it for your Commander deck, etc., holding off on purchasing your Land Tax cards for at least a month is a sound strategy. Check out TCG Player prices, here.

One thing is for certain, a powerful card like this is likely to have some kind of impact on a format so vast and powerful, like Legacy. Hold your breath, fellow Magic enthusiasts, a brave new Legacy stands before us.

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