First Friday Night Magic in Kentucky

Ah, my very first Friday Night Magic (FNM) in Kentucky. After five days of hearing how the locals are a joke and I likely could, “play with a ham sandwich instead of cards and still crush,” I was pretty pumped. I took apart my Blue/Black Draw-Go deck expecting a field of random aggressive strategies that I planned to beat into the ground with Blade Splicer‘s, Mirran Crusaders and Sword of Feast & Famine.

Boy was I wrong.

I went to Top Shelf Games in downtown Corbin. Small store. Nothing to right home about. Not a deep inventory and not much to sell. But there’s certainly potential and it seems to me the local crew of players is pretty cool. 13 players, four rounds of swiss with a cut to a top four play off. Seems fine.

I only managed a 2-2 record. It’s not a losing record, per se, but for someone like myself, it is. There was only one aggressive deck in the room! The rest was mid-range decks and control decks. Needless to day, I was not prepared. One opponent, in fact, played a full set of Dissipate, Cancel AND Mana Leak! Had I just been playing Blue/Black, I would have crushed him with Nephalia Drownyard. Sigh.

Oh well. There’s always next week. Let that be a lesson to me to stick with what I’m comfortable with and know how to play well. I should have listened to my gut. In the end, now that I know what the local metagame is like, I’ll be prepared for next time.

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