The Spirit of Kentucky

Hey dear readers! My apologies for not having posted, well, any content for you at all. Perhaps I should have awaited until I had arrived and was settled in my new location before finishing and promising consistent for my new blog.

Anyway, still trying to finalize my new place (which is directly across the street from work) and likely won’t have consistent internet service for probably a week, sadly.

As soon as I am settled and have internet service, I’ll unleash the flood gates!

In the mean time, all is well. There’s a lot I’ll have to learn regarding my new position at, but it’s also challenging, engaging, detail-oriented and rewarding.

That said, Troll & Toad is always hiring, too! Want a regarding career working with your favorite card, board or role-playing game? Competitive pay, good hours, tons of benefits, and loads of opportunity for advancement! Check out the job listings or contact them!

Anyway, I’ll have more updates when I can folks. Please stay tuned!

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