Soft Launch of The Bitterblossom – Now Live!

Hey everyone! Welcome to the soft launch of The Bitterblossom, a brand new blog featuring news and opinion pieces about the gaming industry, specifically Magic the Gathering, Dungeons & Dragons, Board Games, and Video Games. Plus, perhaps some fun little tidbits thrown in for good measure, too.

Please bare with me as I continually add & remove features to come to a final product I’m happy with. If you have ANY suggestions, comments, feedback, etc. at all, please, please share them via the Contact Me page. I want this blog to be not so much about me and my opinions, but about you – the reader – as well. While I’ll be updating and maintaining this blog in my spare time, I do very much want it to grow. In addition, if you find you enjoy the content, please donate! This donation goes directly to hosting costs, improvements, and more.

Thank you everyone! I hope you enjoy!

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